January 17, 2011

Liam Mcintyre as the New Spartacus!!! Lets Move Forward!!!

Breaking news today readers, as Liam Mcintyre was announced  as the new Spartacus. My thoughts after this press release:

Australian Actor Picked to Topline Hit Series for Starz
Production of Season 2 Is Set to Begin in New Zealand by Spring 2011

Beverly Hills, CA – Jan. 17, 2011 – Australian film and TV actor Liam McIntyre has excelled at a grueling and rigorous audition process to claim the title role in the second season of Starz’ hit franchise, “Spartacus,” Starz, LLC, President and CEO Chris Albrecht announced today.

McIntyre takes over the role of the Thracian warrior sold into slavery in the Roman Republic city of Capua – where he rises to become the champion of the city – before leading the slave revolt that ended Season 1. The part was played in the first season of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” by Andy Whitfield, who was forced to leave the show in order due to health issues. Whitfield gave his blessing to the recasting.

“Since no one can really replace Andy, we realized that we should instead find an actor who can truly lead ‘Spartacus’ forward,” Albrecht notes. “It was important to us to have Andy endorse the idea of recasting this part, which he did in the same heroic manner that he’s dealt with his whole ordeal. And that, coupled with our fortune in finding a young actor with the gladiator credentials and the acting ability of Liam, makes it easier for us to keep this hit franchise going.”

Liam McIntyre made his mark in his native Australia on such series as “Neighbours,” and “Rush.” He also appeared in the HBO mini-series “The Pacific.” He recently completed his first feature starring role in the independent film Frozen Moments. McIntyre is currently in New Zealand, getting himself into gladiator shape in order to take on that iconic role. Production on the series is slated to resume by Spring of 2011.

From the time “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” debuted on Starz in January, 2010, it established itself as an epic production with rich storytelling and visuals unlike anything seen previously on any TV show. Audiences responded immediately, making it the most-watched premiere in Starz’ history, and making the show the most watched cable program on nearly two-thirds of the Fridays it aired original episodes. Also starring John Hannah as Batiatus, Lucy Lawless as Lucretia, Peter Mensah as Doctore, Manu Bennett as Crixus and Viva Bianca as Ilythia, “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” was one of the most talked-about and best-loved TV shows of 2010. Season 2 of the series finds Spartacus and his fellow gladiators now out of Capua and engaged in the massive slave rebellion against Roman society that has echoed through time.

Well, what do you think of that readers? More to the point, since this is my blog, what do I think? I think it's great news readers!!!  Albeit bittersweet. I don't know much about him, and glad of it! Here's a look at his IMDB. It seems as if though they kept going back to this guy much like they did with Andy. TPTB obviously sense something about him.

On a completely superficial note by me, I'm glad he looks like a man! Lol.  Sorry Wentworth, but you weren't it for me! Mustn't forget the all important imo, eh readers?

Remember readers, he is taking over the lead as Spartacus, not taking over the lead as Andy! He deserves his chance to shine! It's not his fault that Andy is sick. He'll bring his own unique qualities to the role. One more time I would like to reiterate that Andy supports the continuation of the show without him. For those whom say why can't they wait until Andy gets better, I once again ask for how long? A month? 6 months? A year? two years? See what I'm saying readers? It's just not logical or fair to keep the production, actors, crew on hold indefinitely.

As I'm watching the show again on dvd, it's clear to me that it's really made up of an ensemble cast, and not just one person. Yep, Spartacus is the star, but a lot centers around the affect he has on everyone else, and everyone, all the actors and crew deserve to be treated fairly as well!

For those whom say they won't watch if Andy's not in it, remember, he is supporting the continuation of the show. I seriously doubt he's sitting there saying to himself: I hope the second season is cancelled cause I'm sick and can't be in it. He doesn't strike me as the sort to wish unemployment on a heck of a lot of people. Just saying....... The man has enough to worry about! I think the best kind of loyalty would be to support the show.

I'm an Andy fan too. I hope he gets better soon. When he gets back to acting, I'll definitely be checking out whatever show or movie he's in. The cool part is he'll already have a fanbase! And a very loyal one at that!

In the meantime let me just say: Bring it on!!! The prequel and season two!!!! Lets move forward!!!

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