January 20, 2011

Snippets to Take Notice Of

A few interesting snippets that I've noticed in some articles readers.

Look at this snippet from Show Patrol:
"[A] deciding factor is Andy has moved on," executive producer Steven S. DeKnight told me a few weeks ago when I asked if the production could wait for Whitefield. "Andy wants to concentrate on getting better and his family. So I wish we could but it's just absolutely not a possibility." Read full article
So you see readers, it was Andy's decision to bow out of production. He's not coming back! There is no waiting! Anymore that is, because actually the purpose of the prequel was to give Andy time to get better. I think some fans need to get that notion out of their heads. When he's ready to get back to acting, if that's what he still wants to do, I'll definitely be checking out whatever shows or movies he'll be in. He is truly a very talented actor.

Look at this snippet from Screencave:
As for the connection between the prequel and “Blood & Sand.” DeKnight says that there will be a direct correlation between the two.

“Absolutely! I never wanted to do just a prequel. I wanted it to inform season one and to really enrich season two. It is very much the connective tissue between both seasons.”

Even though he wouldn’t reveal major spoilers, the creator exclaimed that season two of “Blood & Sand” will be “extra sweet, and “a hell of a ride.” Read full article
That article was writtened  Jan 18, 2011


Look at this snippet from an editorial I wrote on January 15, 2011. Three days before:
I wonder if there will be any surprises in the prequel that will somehow interconnect with the upcoming season 2. Cause and effect! Or even some revelation that will make everything that happened in season 1 even more stunning and amazing. If I were writing it, I would totally slam viewers with stunning revelations! Read full post
Here it comes readers-----> AHA!!!! I must have ESP readers! How did I know? I'm brilliant maybe? Yeah, that must be it! ;)  So, if your thinking about skipping the prequel, but watching the second season, guess what? You're going to be slightly out of the loop! There are going to be correlations/connective tissues between the prequel and season one and two! And I already read that there will be major revelation in the prequel involving characters from season one! Although I heard that each series can stand on it's own, I get the feeling you'll definitely have a better understanding if you watch all! So I wouldn't miss the prequel if I were you! Just saying...........

Finally this snippet from DenverPost.com about Dustin Clare:
Clare is on board for the second season of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand." "We finish filming next November," he said. Read full article
This kind of relates to the last snippet. A character from the prequel, but not in season one, but is in season 2! I wonder what other characters from the prequel(only) will be in season 2? And if you miss the prequel.........

I hope you found these little snippets as interesting as I did readers. Until next time!