April 28, 2011

Around The Web II

Spartacus Vengeance may be several months away, but there's still interesting tidbits of news coming out readers! ;)

►The role of Naevia has been recasted:
EW has exclusively learned that Cynthia Addai-Robinson is the new Naevia read article

►Episode one has finished shooting according to this tweet:

 Dan Feuerriegel 

Ep 1 COMPLETE .... filming of it anyways ...

►Season Two is more expensive to shoot and will be only 10 episodes. read more

►There's a big shock at the beginning of season two according to this interview with Manu Bennett:
"There is a very big shock right at the beginning of season two," Bennett says. read interview

►Season Two will be gigantic according to Steven Deknight in the Think Hero video interview which I posted earlier.

►Viva Bianca has joined Twitter, Facebook, and now has her own official fansite. Links can be found in the "Sites of Interest" section, lower right corner, which include links for many of the other actors as well.

Whew!#:-S Well, what do you think of all that readers! At least things don't get boring around here in the downtime! ;)

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