April 10, 2011

Around The Web

Some interesting stuff from around the web readers:

►Michael Hurst is directing the first episode of Spartacus Vengeance(aka season 2), and will also direct episode 6. In addition he's a producer for the new season.source

►From Lucy's (Lawless) site:
..........now I have to get back to work on Sparty.  My internet has been down so I have been trying to do research on my little iPhone.  Not very good.  I am so excited by the new direction for my character.  Bizarre stuff!  Michael Hurst and I are psyched about what we're about to do.  Wish I could say what, but it would ruin the surprise..........source

►A couple tweets from Steven Deknight:

 Steven DeKnight 

Second season just started shooting. Andy will always be missed, but we will honor him by giving a 110% to the show.

 Steven DeKnight 

Watching some awesomely gory  dailies. We do some mighty fine slit throats!
Just in case you're wondering, dailies are the raw, unedited footage shot during the making of a motion picture. In this case a tv show!

There you go readers! Something to chew on while waiting(patiently) for several more months until season 2! :)

***Update April 13 2011***
►Trailer for Spartacus Vengeance will debut in July at ComicCon.read Steven Deknight's tweet
►The role of Naevia still not recasted. read Steven Deknight's tweet