May 15, 2011

Tweets O' Sparty II

:-h Hello readers, here we are again into another tweet gathering session! These are from the past week:

Looks like episode two is done shooting! :)
 Dan Feuerriegel 

Ep Three Cast Read through complete .... Wowsers Penny !!!!

More on the read through :)
 Katrina Law 

Fantastic Sparty ep 3 cast read through, but what happened 2 r face off? I was about 2 bring it! @ @@

No word yet on when this mysterious new merchandise will be out. :-/
 Steven DeKnight 

No date yet. Will let you know! RT @@ when is this epic merchandise coming out??!

Can he get anymore teasing or what readers! ;)
 Steven DeKnight 

Saw some amazing footage today from ep 2 of Spartacus: Vengeance. Going to be a hell of an ep!

This is a Facebook, Twitter tweet. I can hardly call it "Post O'Facebook" readers! That just sounds odd! Anyhoo, a description of a scene being shot with humorous consequences! :))

‎"2 beautiful big black horses .. 2 actors getting their closeups, 50 Cast n Crew behind the camera .. It's quiet .. "Turnover, Sound speed, Set, ACTION" .. The scene begins .. Beautiful big black horse then lets out the biggest, longest FART I have ever heard .. NOW IMAGINE everyone trying not to laugh .. And let 
me tell u, that was the hardest thing i have ever had to do .. EVER .... JUST ANOTHER DAY ON SET :)
Thursday at 2:39am ·  · Comment

Another Facebook, Twitter tweet! This is from today. So episode 3  is beginning to shoot! Yay! :D

Hey guys- I'm about to embark on another big week on set. Only this time we start filming episode 3! I was lucky to be given a couple of days off last week so I could duck home to Sydney and attend the opening night of The Message Sticks Film Festival (Australian Indigenous Film Fest.) It was so wonderful and diverse, and as I'm in deep in Sparty-land, a breath of fresh air.
Viva :-)
8 hours ago ·  · Comment

Well, that is it for this week readers! Episode 2  seemed to take less time to shoot than episode one? I wonder if episode 1  is going to be longer then one hour? Episode 1  took about 25 days, but episode 2 took about ten days, give or take a  couple days for each estimation. Hmmmnn....  :-?

Then again what do I know! I have no clue about how filming works! :P

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