June 27, 2011

Andy Whitfield Update

Look at this facebook post from Nick Tarabay aka Ashur readers:

To all the fans, I just got great email from Andy( Spartacus ) He's doing great and looking even better ( As you can see ) and before you know it I'm sure you all gonna see him on TV again. That man is a true warrior. everybody repeat after me, SPARTACUS SPARTACUS SPARTACUS..... LOL

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It's been so long since there was any news about him. So happy to hear that he's doing well! He looks very fine indeed in that picture. I read all the comments. He has so many fans supporting him. Plus I saw many happy tweets at twitter. If he so chooses to go back to the screen one day, he'll already have a ton of fans behind him! He truly is a warrior as Nick says!  I hope that he makes a full recovery, and wish him and his family all the best!