July 23, 2011

AolTV Video Interview With the Cast At Comic Con

Interview with the cast at Comic Con readers!


Here's what I got from these interviews:

-Gannicus almost has his own story going on, aside from the rebellion. He's a very solo man.
-Lucretia's relationship with Ilithyia is really intense and gets developed a good deal more.
-According to Katrina, she feels that Mira is head over heels in love with Spartacus, and is trying to find a place in his heart.
-Manu based Crixus on bully he went to school with, that he later became friends with. Glad of the opportunity to show that Crixus has a heart where Naevia's concerned and that he has layers.
-Liam says he has a resposiblitly to the show, to do the best job he can.

August 4 2011