July 24, 2011

Spartacus Vengeance Cast Interviews

I created this playlist which contains 5 videos readers. They are from Starz's guy at Comic Con. Check the player's options to arrow over to whatever video you wish to see. They are in this respective order: Liam and Steven, Lucy, Manu, Dustin, and Katrina:


Liam and Steven
-Steven: There is a team of writers working on this.
-Liam: He has to make is own Spartacus, and not copy Andy. He's trying to keep the soul of the character.
-Liam: He was a massive fan of the show before he even got the role.
-Steven: They stick really close to the main historical events.

-A great deal of change to her personality from Blood and Sand and GOTA.
-She uses her wit to stay alive
-Has no affection left at all for Crixus
-Her and Iithyia have a really intense relationship

-The drive to find Naevia is fueled by my multiple levels of emotions.
-He feels that Crixus  has nothing but contempt for Lucretia.

-He's been in the world travelling a lot. Growing. A real changed man.
-Freedom is important to him

-They just finished filming episode 6. They're  shooting episode 7 when they get back
-We'll get to see more of Mira's personality in season two
-Lucy is an amazing role model for the women on the set.

August 4 2011