July 24, 2011

Spartacus: Vengeance Comic Con 2011 Panel

The entire Spartacus panel at Comic Con readers. So excited! :)

Another version:


Notes I made from watching the Comic Con video readers:

-Lucretia has to claw her way back to some sort of platform of power.
-They do "it" with the most outrageous people.
-Oenomaus  deserves it! Getting whipped (in the trailer)
-It's so intriguing who's whipping and why.
-Ashur is back in a big way
-On Batiatus being gone: however the void is filled 

-He wants to honor the legacy.
-Was a fan of the show beforehand.
-He has spoken to Andy
-It makes his job easier knowing the guy that started the whole thing is ok with it. It means a lot to him

-Liam and Steven just met in person.
-There's an episode where they kill a lot of people.
-Spartacus learns how to be a leader in season two.
-There is a Roman side to the story.
-The Spartacus character doesn't curse.
-One brief flashback with Liam to re-shoot.
-Almost no flashbacks with Liam.
-Joe Loduca doing the music.
-No flashbacks with Andy.

-He and Spartacus are trying to find that common ground.
-There's can be conflict at times.
-Very light hearted all of the time on the set.
-About Naevia: he tries to find her.

-He's been out in the world.
-Experiencing different cultures and we'll see that in his costume.
-He has grown as man.
-Lucy: and banging chicks

-She is figuring out what it means to be free.
-She want to be close to Spartacus, to be a part of his life.

August 5 2011