February 25, 2012

Lucy Lawless Stop Shell #savethearctic

Lucy's tweet about her peaceful protest on board a Shell rig.

Sign up to save the Arctic

Footage Of Lucy before climbing the Shell rig, and of her climbing up it

Video Description: http://greenpeace.org/savethearctic - On 24 Feb 2012 in the Port of Taranaki, New Zealand seven Greenpeace activists including actor Lucy Lawless scaled the derrick on a drillship commissioned by Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic.

Our very own Lucretia in a protest. Standing up for what she believes is right. Even though it may break some rules and laws. Going up against the powerhouses, wow Spartacus is amazing! I mean Lucy :) See any similarities? I do. The root of things......of doing what you believe is the right thing.

Taking some criticism and being made fun of around the net. Hm... hasn't every person in past history whom has ever taking a stance gotten the same treatment. Now we look back and they are great! Oh, she's just an actress trying to get 15 min I've heard. Um she's already famous. And is a successful working actress. And why aren't actresses allowed to support a cause anyways? She's a person just like the rest of us. She's allowed to support causes and charities, and have opinions just as we all are.

As a longtime fan, I can tell you Lucy has always been helping. From her Starship charity, to Greenpeace work, to raising money to help after the Christchurch quake, to saying the most beautiful words about Andy Whitfield after he passed and getting a fund set up to help his family. Maybe she shouldn't have ever done any of that, eh...?

Whether you believe in climate change or not. (personally I do). You must remember Lucy's heart is in the right place. There's no meanness. There's no nastiness. This is not an attempt to rally herself for movie parts.    I mean my god, the Rena oil spill happened right there in NZ which must have had a huge impact on her decision to protest. She's simply doing what she believes in, like our very own Sparty!

How about showing our very own Sparty actress some support and love just as she has always done with the fans.  Go Lucy!