June 4, 2012

Next Spartacus Season, War of the Damned, Will End the Series - IGN

Interview with Steven Deknight:

Exclusive: Executive Producer Steven S. DeKnight on why Spartacus is coming to an end.

IGN: I have to ask – Did Starz simply tell you, “Next year is your last,” or was there a lot of conversation about it and about what would work best for the story?

DeKnight: There was a lot of conversation. We knew towards the end of making the last season - we were 90 percent sure that we would be wrapping it up. And then there were a lot of questions and back and forth about do we do ten episodes, do we do 12, do we do 16, do we do 20? Ultimately, when we looked at it from all angles both financially and creatively, we decided, “Let’s do ten. Let’s take history, take the best parts of the story and really just try to end this as strong as possible.”

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