May 29, 2013

Spartacus War of the Damned DVD/Blu Ray US Release Date and Bonus Features

The Spartacus War of the Damned U.S. dvd/blu ray release is September 3 2013.

........"We wanted to make the Blu-ray and DVD release reflect our gratitude for their enthusiastic support. It's packed with bonus features, extended episodes and commentary tracks that add an extra, exciting dimension to the world of Spartacus."...............

Bonus Features:
-SPARTACUS: The Legend Retold
-The Price Of Being A Gladiator
-A Bloody Farewell
-The Spoils Of War Revealed: Visual Effects
-Adorning The Damned
-The Mind Behind SPARTACUS
-BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVES - Extended Episodes and Audio Commentaries! read full press release at TVshowsonDVD

What a difference from the UK release eh? September has always been normal timing. All the Spartacus seasons were released in September in the U.S. Sometimes I see people complaining about the long wait, but consider this: if you want good quality and lots of content with extras and bonus features, it takes a proper amount of time to make it the very best it could possibly be!