May 18, 2014

Be Here Now Update

Here's an update from facebook on the Be Here Now The Andy Whitfield Story docu. They are currently working on sound editing.

I notice some negative comments in the fandom. Along the lines that "it has taken too long" and "nobody is interested now." Well, first of all, not true. I'm interested and I know plenty of people that still are too. There are thousands of people on the Be Here Now facebook page. Add to that, the millions of fans on the Official Spartacus facebook page. I find it so egotistical when a few people think they speak for thousands or millions for that matter. Please get over yourself.

The producers of this docu are obviously doing it to perfection instead of cranking out a poorly done quickie hack job. They didn't jump on the time is hot now moolah making bandwagon. If they did, it would have been out while Spartacus was still airing or within the first years of Andy's passing or the first anniversary of his death. Tho, I'm sure they want to make $$, but for something that actually deserves it. Also, I might point out as fan of docus, the movie is not just for Spartacus fans, or Andy fans, but for anyone that enjoys a good documentary. I'm anxious to see it too, but I think the story of our Bringer of Rain deserves a stellar quality presentation, and if that takes some time, so be it.