January 20, 2015

Spartacus Complete Series Comes to Netflix in February 2015

According to several sites Spartacus is coming to Netflix for February 2015.

TV Shows

"Departures," Seasons 1-2
 Magic City," Seasons 1-2 
"MASH," Seasons 1-5 
"Spartacus," Complete Series 
"Mako Mermaids," Season 2 (Feb. 13) 
"Richie Rich," Season 1 (Feb. 20) 
"Hawaii Five-0," Seasons 1-4 (Feb. 24) 
"House of Cards," Season 3 (Feb. 27)

HuffPost TV

-It's also on the Canadian Netflix.
-article via Huff Post TV: 'Spartacus' On Netflix: Your Guide To A Gladiator Binge